Available Courses in this College

  Dept. of  Tamil
  • B.A., Tamil Literature (Shift 1 / Shift II)

  • M.A., Tamil Literature

  • M.Phil., Tamil (Part Time/ Full Time)

  • Ph.D., Tamil (Part Time/ Full Time)

  Dept. of  Commerce

  • B.Com (Shift 1 / Shift II)

  • M.Com

  • M.Phil., Commerce (Part Time/ Full Time)

  • Ph.D., Commerce (Part Time/ Full Time)

   Dept. of  Computer Science

  • B.Sc., Computer Science (Shift 1 / Shift II)

  • M.Sc., Computer Science

  • M.Phil., Computer Science (Part Time/ Full Time)

  Dept. of  English

  • B.A., English Literature

  • M.A., English Literature

  • M.Phil., English (Part Time/ Full Time)

  • Ph.D., English (Part Time/ Full Time)

  Dept. of  Economics

  • B.A., Economics (Tamil Medium)

  Dept. of  Nutrition & Dietetic

  • B.Sc., Nutrition & Dietetics

  Dept. of  History

  • B.A., History (Tamil / English Medium)

  • M.A., History

  • M.Phil., History (Part Time/ Full Time)

  Dept. of  Physics

  • B.Sc., Physics (Tamil / English Medium)

  • M.Sc., Physics

  • M.Phil., Physics (Part Time/ Full Time)

  • Ph.D., Physics (Part Time/ Full Time)



  Dept. of  Political Science

  • B.A., Political Science (Tamil / English Medium)

  • M.A., Political Science

  • M.Phil., Political Science (Part Time / Full Time)

  Dept. of  Chemistry

  • B.Sc., Chemistry (Tamil / English Medium)

  • M.Sc., Chemistry

  • M.Phil., Chemistry (Part Time/ Full Time)

  • Ph.D., Chemistry (Part Time/ Full Time)

  Dept. of  Public Administration
  • M.A., Public Administration

  • M.Phil., Public Administration (Full Time)

  Dept. of  Mathematics

  • B.Sc., Mathematics (Tamil / English Medium)

  • M.Sc., Mathematics

  • M.Phil., Mathematics (Part Time/ Full Time)

  • Ph.D., Mathematics (Part Time/ Full Time)